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This is the official site of Jessica Lynn Campos and her incredibly creative imaginative writing. It began as the place to find the first book of the series: The Risen, the Chosen, and the Dark by Jessica Lynn Campos. Here, you can find links to purchase The Risen, the Chosen, and the Dark: The Dawn of It All, or simply browse the site and learn about the world where the story takes place.  Roam the world's regions and other important locations like the Sister Kingdoms: Rosh, Klamion, and Mil. Discover the fierce creatures of the world, both friend and foe, such as Dragons and Kqui.

Dive into the society that is structured around Clans and Partnerships, and discover how the four groups hold unique skills and abilities and play a key role in the culture and survival of man. Learn a little bit about who the main characters of the series are and immerse yourself into the world of RCD. BUT REMEMBER, this book is now a stand alone treasure as Jessica is actively revising the entire story. The new series will be quite different, with an even richer story line, deeper characters, and more!

To read a review of the book, check out this review done by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine by clicking through this link: Review by The Old Schoolhouse.

As an author, Jessica has written very actively her entire life. While in college, she wrote at length and honed her skills by posting her stories on the popular website fanfic. Now, she begins sharing her stories here, for your enjoyment, without all of the activity, distractions, or danger for younger readers that may be found on shared sites with unmonitored writing. As an adult with siblings back at home being homeschooled, Jessica seeks to encourage young writers as they find their own creativity and improve their writing skills.

Welcome! Come read with us. Come write with us.

Come, and author your own stories today!



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